Xpocket Packable Lightweight Breathable Rain/Camo Windbreaker

Xpocket Packable Lightweight Breathable Rain/Camo Windbreaker

Xpocket Lightweight Packable Rain/Windbreaker Jacket

The Xpocket is one of the more unique camo windbreakers on the market. Ranging from the looks and style to some of the features, it does seem to be bringing quite a bit of uniqueness (and innovation) to the table.

With that being said, here’s a look at some of its top features.


It’s surprising not many windbreakers in this price range offers water protection. The Xpocket isn’t one of them, though, as it comes with both water-protection and wind-protection.

Xpocket Packable Rain Windbreaker Jacket

However, you obviously shouldn’t expect it to be the perfect solution in thunderously heavy rains. Apparently, there’s no windbreaker out there that can protect you completely against unusually heavy rains.

The Xpocket should work fairly well against light to moderate rains, though, along with offering an impressively high level of wind protection.

Extremely Versatile

This is where the uniqueness of the Xpocket turns out to be a blessing. Firstly, it can be converted to a “sling-pack”, and conveniently hold all your stuff for you while also making it easily accessible. The sling-packed version of the jacket also turns out to be useful when it comes to carrying stuff during the later part of the day, which is usually warmer.

There’s also the unique dual pocket system, taking the convenience to an altogether new level and allowing you to carry your stuff in a very hassle-free way.

Lightweight, Breathable and Portable

The Xpocket really does come with a long list of features. Besides being made from waterproof nylon and being incredibly versatile, it’s also surprisingly lightweight.

Xpocket Packable Rain Windbreaker Jacket

Similarly, it’s also quite breathable, thanks to being lightweight and being made from high-quality nylon. However, you may notice it being a little less breathable during relatively heavy rains, which is more than acceptable.

Finally, it’s also very portable, and can be packed away quickly and easily. It also gets surprisingly compact when packed, making it easier to carry.

Other Features

Didn’t we say that the Xpocket comes with a long list of features? Well, it really does, and we will be taking a look at some other features too below.

  • Half-zip closure, with the zip being waterproof too
  • Comes in seven different sizes
  • Comes with the patented “Xpocket”, adding to the convenience
  • Full-size hood for added protection

A Final Word

Finally, unless you’re obsessed with polyester fabric and really don’t like nylon clothing, the Xpocket may turn out to be a great choice.