Terror Men’s The Camo Hour Windbreaker

Terror Men’s The Camo Hour Windbreaker

Terror Men’s The Camo Hour Windbreaker

The Camo Hour is one of the few licensed music windbreakers, and comes in a beautiful and bold camouflage color. The seller also claims that it’s brand new merchandise, perhaps because selling old merchandise is quite common.

While it’s specifically designed for true music fans, it’s a great option for others as well. With that said, let’s take a look at what it brings to the table.

Quality Product

The Camo Hour has an outer shell that’s made with 100% nylon, while the interior fabric is 100% polyester. The idea behind this unique design is perhaps the fact that nylon may turn out to be more durable and protective, while polyester fabric is more comfortable.

In other words, it means the best of both worlds, as the nylon shell offers better wind protection while the polyester interior makes you feel perfectly comfortable.

Surprisingly Thin and Lightweight

By the looks of the product, it seems very thin and lightweight. However, it doesn’t seem to be reflecting a lower level of durability, as the material seems to be durable enough and should really last a long time.

Being lightweight makes it even more comfortable to wear, though, and not to forget, more breathable too. So basically, it wouldn’t make you sweat even when you’re doing some rigorous activity or just at a very crowded place. That’s certainly quite an advantage given that it’s more of a “music” windbreaker.

Looks Very Cool and Stylish

The Camo Hour looks pretty cool, yet has a kind of bold feel to it. The unique style and color combination, along with the cool vertical logo makes it the perfect jacket for supporting your favorite band, while also getting a great level of wind protection.

Other “Cool” Features

Some of the other impressive features the Camo Hour comes with include the following.

  • A full-size hood, which feels quite comfortable too
  • It’s machine washable, meaning that cleaning won’t be a hassle
  • Comes with long sleeves and elasticated cuffs that you can pull over your hands to cover them completely
  • Has buttons instead of a zipper, and that just adds to how cool it looks

A Final Word

The only slight disappointment is that while the buttons are certainly cool, they may make it a little less warm when it’s too cold out there.

However, considering the great wind protection it comes with, that may not really turn out to be much of a problem, making the Camo Hour a great option, especially if you’re looking for something beyond the ordinary.