SOL’S Skate Unisex Camo Windbreaker Jacket

SOL’S Skate Unisex Camo Windbreaker Jacket

SOL’S Skate Unisex Camo Windbreaker Jacket

As the name suggests, the SOL’S Skate is a unisex windbreaker jacket. However, apparently, unlike some other unisex windbreakers, you may not come across any problem as far as the fit is concerned, simply because it comes in six (6) different sizes that may offer a great a fit to both men and women.

Another important thing to note about the SOL’S Skate is that it’s surprisingly affordable, especially when compared to some other unisex wind jackets out there.

So if you’re looking for an affordable windbreaker with a great fit, you may want to take a look at its features being mentioned below.

Looks Great

The SOL’S Skate is a camo windbreaker and it seems that the manufacturer has put in some thought and efforts into the design. This is because it looks quite cool for a unisex wind jacket, even by camo windbreakers’ standards.


It may turn out to be quite a challenging task to find a quality camo windbreaker in this price range that also offers water protection. That being said, we can surely conclude the SOL’S Skate is one of the better products in the price range, offering great wind protection as well as being fairly resistant to water.

Reasonably Good Quality

Well, honestly speaking, the SOLS Skate’s quality is not exactly the best you could get, especially if you’re willing to shell out more money.

However, for the price, the quality is reasonably good. While the jacket is made of nylon fabric, it comes with mesh linings that are made with polyester. That makes it a reasonably good-quality and durable product for the price.

Comfortable to Wear

Comfort may be a weak point of many unisex wind jackets, but not the SOL’S Skate. Though it’s made of nylon, it feels reasonably comfortable.

Similarly, the mesh lining ensure that it’s breathable enough as well, which is a pretty important factor to consider while choosing a windbreaker. The elasticated cuffs further add to the comfort.

Also, the two side pockets come with a zipper, meaning that your belongings will stay safe irrespective of what the weather throws at you. Finally, the adjustable hood with contrast lining offers the last piece of protection by completely covering your head.


A Final Word

The SOL’S Skate also comes with a full-zip closure, and coupled with the full-size hood and long sleeves, it probably means the perfect protection you need both against the rains and winds.