Chicside Men’s Slim Fit Camouflage Printed Hoodie Windbreaker

Chicside Men’s Slim Fit Camouflage Printed Hoodie Windbreaker

Chicside Men’s Slim Fit CamoWindbreaker

If you’re looking for a stylish camouflage windbreaker that comes with mesh lines for better ventilation and breathability, the Chicside Men’s Slim Fit definitely seems to be something worth considering. It comes in three different colors, and all the three versions actually manage to stand out as they look nothing like the usual camo windbreaker jackets out there.

With that being said, we will take a look at some other features of the Chicside Men’s Slim Fit, helping you find out whether it’s the product you’re looking for.


Great Quality for the Price

Well, the Chicside isn’t one of the most expensive windbreakers out there, but still doesn’t fail to match the quality most of them come with. This means that you really get a great bang for your buck, especially given that it probably looks much better than most of the more expensive camo windbreakers on the market.

It’s made with polyester, and comes with a great print quality. It’s also probably worth noting that the jacket is hand washable, so perhaps the seller is quite confident about the print quality.

Very “Breathable”

We can’t stress enough how important it is for a windbreaker to be breathable. Regardless of how good they are at protecting you from the strongest of winds, if they aren’t breathable enough, they may feel like a burden to wear for too long.

Chicside Men's Slim Fit Camo Windbreaker

Chicside Men's Slim Fit Camo WindbreakerThe Chicside, unlike most of the other windbreakers in this price range, comes with mesh lines, ensuring a higher level of breathability. Furthermore, the manufacturer has probably put in some thought into the design to make it more breathable, and the breathability is further enhanced by the high-quality polyester used to make it.

Lightweight Camo Windbreaker

Just like breathability, the weight also tends to be a very important feature of a windbreaker jacket. These two

features pretty much determine how comfortable it is to wear, so it’s definitely not recommended to compromise on either of them.

That being said, while the Chicside may not be the most lightweight wind jacket on the market, it’s certainly not annoyingly heavy either. In fact, it’s actually surprisingly lightweight compared to some of the other products in this price range, and definitely wouldn’t weigh you down.


A Final Word

The Chicside also comes with two well-designed pockets, zip that goes all the way up to the neck, a hood that can fully cover your head, and long sleeves.

If you’re looking for the rare combination of style and comfort but are on a budget, the Chicside may well hit the spot for you.