Columbia Men’s Flash Forward Camo Windbreaker

Columbia Men’s Flash Forward Camo Windbreaker

Columbia Men’s Flash Forward Camo Windbreaker

The Columbia Men’s Flash Forward is probably your best bet if you’re looking for a lightweight windbreaker. If the customer reviews it got are anything to go by, it’s ultra lightweight, especially when compared to some of the other windbreaker jackets on the market.

It also comes with many other features, and we will take a look at them below.

Columbia Men's Flash Forward Camo Windbreaker

Great Print Quality

While camo windbreakers usually look very cool, the print quality is something to worry about. A camouflage windbreaker may obviously look terrible if a part of its print fades away.

When it comes to the Flash Forward, however, the print quality looks very impressive. It’s also very attractive and perhaps sure to get you many compliments.

Made With Quality Material

Both the shell and lining of the Flash Forward is 100% polyester, making it not only long-lasting, but also comfortable to wear. It’s also machine-washable, which makes the cleaning perfectly hassle-free.

Columbia Men's Flash Forward Camo Windbreaker

A customer also mentioned in their review that they feel warmer than they expected while wearing it, which is a little surprising given how lightweight and (relatively) small it is. This can be taken as a sign of a truly quality product.

Perfect Fit

Besides the print quality, the fit is usually another concern when it comes to windbreaker jackets. Even if the material used to make the jacket is good quality, it may still not feel comfortable if the fit isn’t good enough.

That being said, the Flash Forward comes in five different sizes, which means that it may turn out to be a perfect fit for everyone. Perhaps the sleeves may seem a little larger to some, but they surely aren’t too large and shouldn’t get annoying.


The Flash Forward is also very convenient, thanks to coming with side pockets AND also a breast pocket (which is something unique). Furthermore, the breast pocket is also zippered, making it very convenient to carry something you wouldn’t like to get wet in the rains.

The windbreaker itself is zipped, and comes with elastic cuffs and a drawcord adjustable hem.


A Final Word

The fabric of the Flash Forward is also water-resistant, and should work well against light to moderate rains.

As for being wind-resistant, you will probably be surprised at how well it protects you against the winds, despite being very lightweight.