Under Armour Men’s UA Storm WINDSTOPPER® Camo Windbreaker

Under Armour Men’s UA Storm WINDSTOPPER® Camo Windbreaker

Under Armour Men’s UA Storm WINDSTOPPER®

The Under Armour UA Storm is probably one of the most expensive camo windbreakers on the market. That’s for a reason, though, as it’s truly one of the best ones too in terms of the quality, protection offered, and pretty much everything else.

That being said, however, it may definitely not be an ideal choice for everyone, especially those on a tight budget. For most others, however, the UA Storm may be the best they can get for the money.

Under Armour Mens UA Storm WINDSTOPPER

What makes us say that though? Well, let’s find out below.

Surprisingly Warm

Well, while there are windbreakers out there that can offer a reasonably good level of wind protection but cost far less, the UA Storm simply blows them away. Apparently, it makes you feel “warm” even in bone-chilling cold.

Now that’s saying something, given that most other windbreakers don’t seem to make you feel half warm even when it’s considerably less cold.

Amazingly Lightweight

You would also be surprised at how thin the UA Storm is. Being so thin makes it amazingly lightweight, meaning that it would be a pleasure to wear.

Yet, it perhaps offers the best wind protection you can get from any windbreaker out there.


Under Armour Mens UA Storm WINDSTOPPER

Besides being amazingly wind-resistant, the UA Storm is also great at repelling water during rains. However, unlike most other windbreakers out there, you won’t experience any decrease in its breathability even while it manages to keep you completely dry during considerably heavy rains.

Very Breathable and Soft

As mentioned earlier, the UA Storm hardly leaves anything to be desired. However, it also seems to be two levels above even some of the best wind jackets out there.

It’s apparently far more breathable than pretty much any other product you can find on the market, while offering total protection against winds and rains.

The quality, too, is simply exceptional, as it’s made with 3-layer bonded high-quality fabric, making it extremely durable. Similarly, it also feels very soft both on the inside and outside, making it perfectly comfortable as well.

A Final Word

There seems to be nothing you can’t like about the UA Storm. It’s truly one of the best windbreakers out there, and although it does cost more than what most people may be willing to pay, it more than justifies the cost.

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