Apparel No. 5 Men’s 2-Tone Camo Windbreaker Jacket

Apparel No. 5 Men’s 2-Tone Camo Windbreaker Jacket

Apparel No. 5 Men’s 2-Tone Camo Windbreaker

The Apparel No. 5 Men’s 2-Tone is probably one of the most affordable windbreakers on the market. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t as good as some of the more expensive ones out there.

In fact, it’s a very unique windbreaker jacket, coming in a two tone detailing, with the small top part being printed in camouflage color and the rest in black color. This makes it look better than most other camouflage jackets.

Let us now take a look at some of its important features that have impressed so many customers.

Quality Product at a Very Affordable Price

Usually, it tends to be very challenging to find a quality product at this price. However, the Apparel No. 5 2-Tone is indeed as good as it looks in the images. It doesn’t come with a hood (which some customers like), has no false colors and does everything it claims to.

A particular customer mentioned in their review that retail stores sell it for about $40, so Amazon is offering a great deal.

Surprisingly Durable

While we just said that it’s a quality product, and so it should thus go without saying that it’s also durable, we still think that it’s worth elaborating on exactly HOW durable it actually is.

Well, a customer mentioned that they had bought this jack from another online retailer a couple of years ago, and their wife has washed it about 40 times since then. However, it’s still in perfectly good condition, and even more surprisingly, looks great.

This pretty much proves that it’s surprisingly low price doesn’t mean the quality isn’t good enough.

Works Well Against Strong Winds

It may not be super lightweight as some other windbreakers out there, but it’s just heavy enough to block strong winds. It may even hold up well against light rains, so you can use it when it’s a little showery out there.

Other Features

The Apparel No. 5 2-Tone actually comes with an overwhelmingly long list of features for its price. That being said, let’s take a look at some of its other features:

  • It comes with a zipper and full-length sleeves
  • The cuff is elastic and Velcro adjustable
  • Comes in four different sizes and offers a reasonably good fit
  • Comfortable to wear

A Final Word

Simply put, if you’re on a very tight budget but don’t want to compromise at all on the quality front, the Apparel No. 5 2-Tone is probably your best bet.